Our New Super Fan


Elle Klein, Sports Editor

Introducing our new Super Fan, Caitlin O’Neill! Caitlin has a lot to bring to the table this year. With her great new ideas and amazing spirit, this year will be full of Visitation pride! Caitlin is a senior, and she has been at Visitation since her freshman year. When Caitlin first came to Visitation, she knew no one, and the Super Fan made her feel included and wanted in Visitation activities. This sense of inclusion that the Super Fan provided Caitlin with made her want to become the Super Fan herself. As Super Fan, Caitlin is excited to get to know more of the students and faculty at Visitation. She wants to let students know that they will always have someone there to cheer them on. Caitlin is ecstatic about the new opportunities that were unavailable last year because of COVID-19: bigger student sections and more chances to cheer on our classmates! Caitlin also has many new ideas to build spirit at Visitation, including themes for every game of the week and prizes for those with the best-themed outfits! There will be poster and sign-making meetings as well as contests that get everyone involved. Caitlin will also be forming a Super Fan Committee for students who want to help build up school spirit. There will be videos of every student section, and you have a chance to be in them! Lastly, Caitlin wants to let everyone know that this year we will be stepping up our school spirit and showing our love and support for one another!